St. Patrick's Parish, Kerang

92 Nolan St., Kerang, Victoria

Tel: 03 5452 1041 


St. Mary's Parish, Cohuna

95 King George St  Cohuna 3568

Tel: 03 5456 2312   


St Patrick's Church, Pyramid Hill

5 Victoria Street, Pyramid Hill  3575  

Tel: 03 5452 1041  


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The Catholic Parishes of Kerang, Cohuna and Pyramid Hill are parishes with great sense of community. The parishioners have worked hard to build parishes that prioritise the need of the people to help foster their love for God.


We, as one community welcomes you to be happy and be of service towards the need of others. All together as one, we journey as followers of Christ.

-Fr. Novie-

Mass Times This Week 18th - 26th Jan 2020)

Sunday Masses 18th-19th January 2020

Saturday           6:30pm Mass in Pyramid Hill
Sunday             9:00am Mass in Kerang

                          10:30am Mass in Cohuna


Tuesday           9:30am Mass in Cohuna 

                         5:00pm Mass in Kerang

Wednesday     9:15am Mass in Kerang

Thursday          School Governance Meeting (Shepparton)

Friday               8:30am Adoration in Kerang

                         9:15am Mass in Kerang                          

Saturday          9:15am Mass in Kerang

Sunday Masses 25th-26th January 2020


Saturday           6:30pm Mass in Pyramid Hill (Filipino Led Mass)
Sunday             8:30am Mass in Cohuna

                          10:30am  Mass in Kerang


Upcoming Events of the Three Parishes

Kerang Y Mass
and Christmas Party 2019
Cohuna Parish Feast and Christmas Party 2019
Christmas Masses 2019
Pyramid Hill
Simbang Gabi