The Catholic Parishes of Kerang, Cohuna and Pyramid Hill are parishes with great sense of community. The parishioners have worked hard to build parishes that prioritise the need of the people to help foster their love for God.


We, as one community welcomes you to be happy and be of service towards the need of others. All together as one, we journey as followers of Christ.

-Fr. Novie-

COVID19 Church Guidelines (9th November 2020)

  • Liturgies (including Mass) may be celebrated inside a church, attended by up to 20 participants and the ministers required to conduct the service (priests, deacons, seminarians)

    • Liturgies must be less than 90 minutes duration

    • Participants must be seated in zones of 10 or less, with each zone separated by at least 5 metres at all times

    • Only one liturgy may be celebrated at a church at any one time (i.e., indoors or outdoors, but not both)

  • Liturgies (including Mass) may be celebrated outside a church, attended by 1 minister and up to 50 participants (n.b., not at the same time as a liturgy inside the church)

  • Funerals may be celebrated with a maximum of 20 attendees indoors or 50 attendees outdoors (in addition to infants, the celebrant and others required to conduct the funeral)

  • Weddings may be celebrated with 14 people in total: celebrant, bride & groom, 2 witnesses, 8 guests, 1 photographer

  • Churches may be opened for private prayer for up to 10 people at a time, in addition to a minister

  • Parish facilities (halls, etc.) may be used for essential support groups (alcohol, family violence, etc.) of up to 20 people (not counting those coordinating the group)

  • Other parish gatherings (e.g., committee meetings) may be held indoors, with a maximum of 10 people attending in each group and a maximum of 20 in total (not counting those conducting the gathering)

  • In all of the above circumstances, the following requirements continue:

    • face coverings, hand sanitiser, cleaning and recording contact details of attendees (except for support groups that require confidentiality)

    • social distancing (1.5m) and no contact or shared objects between household groups at liturgies (i.e., no contact for sign of peace, no passing of collection baskets, no holy water stoups at door, communion received on the hand from a minister who uses hand sanitiser before and after distribution)

If you wish a visit for pastoral reasons like Reconciliation, Anointing and Communion at home, please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Novie on his mobile 0450185021 or email him at novelitolim@yahoo.com

We are a child safe parish. Any children, young persons and vulnerable adults have a right to feel safe and be safe. If you are concerned about any form of abuse, or believe that someone is at significant risk, you should immediately raise your concerns with our Parish Child Safety Officers.


They can be contacted through the Presbytery Office telephone (03)5452 1041.

Please look for:

Kerang: Kyra Laughlin

Cohuna: Peter Doyle

Pyramid Hill: Anne Grogan

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St. Patrick's Parish, Kerang

92 Nolan St., Kerang, Victoria

Tel: 03 5452 1041 

e: stpatker@bigpond.com

St. Mary's Parish, Cohuna

95 King George St  Cohuna 3568

Tel: 03 5456 2312   

e: cohuna@sandhurst.catholic.org.au

St Patrick's Church, Pyramid Hill

5 Victoria Street, Pyramid Hill  3575  

Tel: 03 5452 1041  

e: pyramidhill@sandhurst.catholic.org.au

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