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I am Fr. Novelito Lim but many people call me "Novie" to make it short and easy to remember. I, originally, came from Cebu City, Philippines but currently working for the Diocese of Sandhurst, Bendigo, Australia. 

After a few years of study in the Philippines particularly at Saint John XXIII Seminary (secondary school) and San Carlos Seminary College for a Philosophy degree, I then transferred to Corpus Christi College in Melbourne to continue my Bachelor in Theology and Master in Theological Studies.

I was ordained last 23rd of October, 2015, at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, in Cebu, Philippines. I was serving in the Catholic Parishes of Wangaratta as an assistant priest since the 22nd of November 2015 until the 16th of May 2018.

Fr. Novelito Lim

Parish Priest

Parish Pastoral Council Members


St. Patrick'S, Kerang

St. Mary's, Cohuna

St. Patrick's, Pyramid Hill

Rev Fr Novelito Lim
Parish Pastoral Council President

Liz Bland



Pam Hirst


Chris Mitchell

St. Joseph's School Principal

Frank Kelly

Faye Burton

Ken Jenkins

Kyra Laughlin

Bernadette McClelland

Claire McCurdy

Mike Cummins


Peter Doyle


Kylie Doyle



Jarrod Mullavey

St. Mary's School Principal

Bruce Bird

Judy Doyle

Hayden Bird

Rob Shanahan

Betty McLoughlin

Brian MgLoughlin

Mick Carmody

Pam Carmody

Carmen Cauchi


Rachel Cain



John O'Connor

St. Patrick's School Principal


John Carroll

Marilyn Fernandez

Anne Grogan

Jan Leed

Vincent Bartels

Imelda Ross

Colleen Hampson

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